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MamaKuka was birthed from a desire to provide all students the opportunity to experience the fullest expression of yoga asanas. Witnessing the wave of satisfaction that floods a student as they grab a toe for the first time, find a bind, or just discover extra depth in a pose inspired the YogaSphere™ strapping system. 


Embracing this joy, our intent is to produce systems which provide adaptability, accessibility, and structural integrity to aid in the practice of yoga. From the most advance yogi to the budding beginner, we strive to put poses within reach for all.

"Within Reach" is the mantra of our business, our lives, our hopes, and our dreams. We hope to infuse the spirit of "Within Reach" into our company, customers, and community by contributing a portion of all profits to charities dedicating to bringing yoga to underserved populations.


MamaKuka is a proud supporter and contributor to Newark Yoga Movement, Home of Hope - India, and the Gentle Barn.

A note about our namesake.....

Mama Kuka is an Incan Goddess revered as the goddess of health and joy.

We are proud to channel her energy, enthusiam, and dedication to joy and health into all our products.

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