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For smaller intricate binds the four inch YogaSphere™ is perfect. Acting as an extension of our hand you will finally be able to reach those last few inches allowing you to work deeper towards the natural bind.  Poses like Bound Lotus finally become within reach!

Use the 12" YogaSphere™ or "daisy-chain" two smaller YogaSphere's™ together to use as an alignment and stability tool in chaturanga, handstand or forearm balance. 

Refine your technique in poses requiring "lift".  Using the YogaSphere™ in poses like Triangle can provide a force to "lift against" thereby engaging the core and side body while improving alignment.

 The 6, 8, and 12-inch YogaSphere's™ are typically used to bridge larger gaps.  Extended Hand to Toe Balance, Binding in Revolved Poses, and even forward folds will gain stability along you to work deeper into the pose.

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Which YogaSphere™ is right for me?


YogaSphere™ Kits are designed to be meet the needs of your individual practice. With that, choosing a kit is the best way to reap the full benefits of the YogaSphere™ system.  Because the kits contain the different sized YogaSphere's ™ you will always have the right size to work with your flexibility to ensure alignment, stability and depth.  


Below are just a few of the many ways to enhance your total practice. Because the YogaSphere™ system does not require adjustment you are able to stay with the flow of your class while refining technique and mastering alignment. Simply select the size you need as you move from pose to pose.  Click here to view the Strike A Pose gallery.

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