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Want to use props in classes but feel they require too much time, explanation, and distraction? YogaSphere™ was conceptualized and created in a yoga studio to address the needs of yoga practitioners and instructors. The YogaSphere™ improves class flow, enhances safety, and empowers students in a portable prop that can easily move from the studio to outdoor settings.​

Improve Class Flow


A vast improvement on the traditional linear strap system, YogaSphere™ is an intuitive prop which requires no adjustment and very little explanation. A variety of sizes are placed next to each students mat and are readily available to grab and use in poses without stopping for buckle and loop adjustments. Yoga instruction is able to continue and flow without interruption.

Empower Your Students


In our own research and study, we noted that fewer than 10% of yoga students leave their mats to get needed yoga props/straps once class has started. Additionally, fewer than 25% stop their practice proactively to adjust a strap to assist during their practice. However, when the YogaSphere™ was introduced and encouraged, nearly 80% of practitioners readily used it when appropiate


When surveyed, students cited the following reasons they did not use a yoga strap:

  • Did Not Want to Stop Flow

  • Did Not Understand Buckle

  • Adjustment Takes Too Much Time

  • Felt It Cause Distraction in Class


By design, YogaSphere™ addresses all these concerns.

Perfect for Teachers On-The-Go


YogaSphere™ is light, versatile, and portable making it a perfect prop to use when teaching outdoors or in private lessons away from a traditional studio.

Solutions for Teachers & Studios 

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