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Bow Pose


Stretches the entire front of the Body

Strengthens muscles in the back

Improves posture and spinal flexibility

Opens the chest, abdomen, quadriceps, ankles, groins, hip flexors, and throat.


Let's Do This Pose:


  • Select 2 YogaSphere's™ of the same size and have them readily available at your mat.

  • Begin by lying flat on your stomach with your chin on the mat. Allow the arms to rest at your sides.

  • On an exhalation, bend your knees bringing your heels as close as you can to your bottom, keeping your knees hip-distance apart.

  • With a YogaSphere™ in each hand, reach back and loop your feet (one YogaSphere™ on each foot). Maintain your hand position on the YogaSphere's™.

  • On an inhalation, lift your heels up toward the ceiling, drawing your thighs up and off the mat. Your head, chest, and upper torso will also lift off the mat.

  • Pull your tailbone down firmly into the floor, while you simultaneously lift your heels and thighs higher.

  • Lift your chest and press your shoulder blades firmly into your upper back.

  • Draw your shoulders away from your ears.

  • Gaze forward and breathe softly. Your breath will become shallow, but do not hold your breath.

  • Hold for up to 30 seconds.

  • To release, exhale and gently lower your thighs to the mat. Slowly release your legs and feet to the floor.

  • Place your right ear on the mat and relax your arms at your sides for a few breaths.

  • Repeat the pose for the same amount of time, then rest with your left ear on the mat.




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