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Sundial or Compass Pose


Caution: This posture is not for all bodies. Warm up thoroughly with other hip openers such as pigeon, various lunges, and/or splits.


Lengthens the backs of your hamstrings and calves

Supports and opens the hips

Stretches the intercostals and shoulder


Let's Do this Pose


  • Make sure hips are adequately opened before trying this posture.

  • Select the YogaSphere™ that works with your flexibility.

  • Begin in a Staff pose, or Dandasana. 

  • Keep both feet flexed through the whole pose.

  • Bend your right leg.

  • Thread your right arm through the crease of your right leg. Rock your leg (much like you'd rock a baby) to ensure the hip is loose and open.

  • With your right hand firmly connected to the ground, draw your right leg up your right arm until it’s just under the shoulder socket.

  • Press your right triceps and right abductors into each other.

  • With your YogaSphere™ in your left hand, sweep your left arm out beside you and reach over your head to loop your right foot. Straighted the leg.

  • Look up to the left if it’s accessible.

  • Breathe into the posture.

  • To release let go of the clasp and slowly bend your right leg.

Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana


par-ee-vrt-tah SOOR-yuh yan-TRAS-ana

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