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"I would say I'm a pretty typical yoga student. Always trying to find that edge between what is enough and what is too much. Some poses are available and some just aren't there. For those binds and poses that I just can't reach, I use a strap as my prop. As soon as I used Mama Kuka Yogaspheres, I was hooked! I have been able to find stability in my standing poses when I have a bind. I can now bind in revolved side angle pose, and I can bind on the side I could never get in my seated twist. Just yesterday I used them lying on my back to open my hamstrings and hips. The loops provide a kind of leverage that I can't get with a strap. It feels easier to open my heart in some poses, and the straps allow me to relax because I'm not white-knuckling a strap to hold on. I am excited to continue using them and discover more variations in my practice that have not been available to me before."


Laura P.


Fuquay Varina, NC


"Less explaining and more yoga-ing!  WIth the YogaSphere I am easy to make quick, on-the-spot assists and, more importantly, my students are able to make them on their own. It's as easy a looking down for the right size and using it.  My students are also in better alignment and have more natural movement with this system versus regular straps".


Suzanne M.


Greenville, SC


"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  I never liked straps so I didn't use them very often but I definitely use these - way easier.  I feel like my yoga is finally progressing too!"


Denise F.


San Diego, CA


"Brilliant! My teacher started using these in class and I love them. I'm working on tiny binds and this is the only thing that is getting me closer.  Big straps were just that - too big for my piggies plus I didn't feel "solid" in my postures. I also love not having to stop and make strap adjustment inbetween poses.  The round system is where it's at!  I just bought a personal kit to use at home."


Christina G.


Knoxville, TN


"Our students love them!"





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"I always tell people that they should have a bunch of straps at home of different lengths to work with like we have at the studio. This product, YogaSphere™ is nice because if you buy that, you have what you need. As you keep stretching and moving, you can use a smaller and smaller strap until: that's it -- you're holding your foot or able to bind."  Sri Dharma Mittra

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