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Standing Head to Knee Pose


Improves balance and concentration

Tones abdominal muscles

Strengthens legsIncreases hamstring flexibility

Stretches lower back

Strengthens biceps and triceps


Let's Do This Pose

  • Select the YogaSphere™ that works with your flexibility and pose depth

  • Holding the YogaSphere™ in your right hand, begin in mountain pose.

  • Keep the core engage during entire pose

  • Bring weight down and into left leg, gain your stability, and raise right knee to a 90 degree angleLoop the ball of the foot with the YogaSphere™, keep the right foot flexed.

  • Hold here.


If you are stable here and the left leg is straight continue with the following steps.


  • Holding the end of the YogaSphere™ with both hands, push the leg out and straight until the thigh is parallel to the floor.

  • The back and arms are lifted and straight.

  • Relax the shoulders.

  • Hold here.


If you are stable here, continue with the following steps.


  • Bend at the elbows drawing the upper body down and over the extended leg. Elbows should be tight in against the body.

  • To maintain balance, keep the foot flexed with the heel pushing forward

  • .If both legs are straight and stable, bend the forehead to touch the knee.

  • Repeat on other side.



daN-Dat-AD-ana jah-noo sheer-shahs-anna

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