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Cow Face Arms


Stretches your shoulders and arms

Releases tension from shoulder, front of chest

Facilitates deep breathing by opening chest

Help to eliminate rounded shoulders and Improved posture


Let's Do This Pose

  • Select a YogaSphere™ that accomodates your level of shoulder flexibility

  • Keep your back straight and tall.  If your are in a seated position, make sure to keep both hips in contact with the floor.

  • Holding the YogaSphere™ in your left hand, raise your left arm up to the sky

  • Bend your left elbow so that the left palm rests on your upper back. The YogaSphere™ will dangle down your back

  • Bring your right arm out to the side, turn your hand so that your palm facing back and your thumb down

  • Bend your right elbow and slide your right hand behind your back with your palm facing out. Your right forearm should be parallel to your spine with your hand move up between your shoulder blades.

  • Hook your fingers to the bottom of the YogaSphere

  • Energetically lift your left elbow up toward the ceiling while keeping the elbow close to the left side of your head.

  • Simultaniously, lower the right elbow toward the floor and closer to your body.


To deepen pose you can initiate a twist in the YogaSphere™ with the fingers of the left hand thereby shortening the Sphere.

Use progressively smaller YogaSpheres™ until your fingers naturally bind.


Gomukhasana arms traditionally accompanies gomukhasana seated position but it can also be done in an easy seated position or combined with standing asanas such as wide legged straddle, warrior, or even tadasana.


Gomukhasana Arms



Traditional Yoga Strap vs. YogaSphere™

A clear alignment advantage - by correcting the hand grasp the forearms rotate and allow the elbow to become more linear. 

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