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Relieved stiffness in the shoulders and back

Deep stretch to the groins and hamstrings

Improved stamina

Strengthened legs, knees, and ankles

Stretched and toned abdominal muscles

Therapeutic for constipation, infertility, sciatica, menstrual discomfort, and low backache


​Let's Do This Pose


Select the YogaSphere™ that will "bridge the gap" based on your flexibility and depth.  In this explanation we will move from mountain through Warrior II to extended side angle.


  • Begin in Mountain Pose (Tadasana).

  • Turn to the left and extend your arms sideways to shoulder-height, palms facing down.

  • Step your feet as wide apart as your wrists.  

  • Align your heels and turn your right foot outward 90 degrees so your toes point to the top of your mat.

  • Bend your right knee until your right thigh is parallel to the floor (you may need to widen your stance). Keep your right knee directly over your heel.

  • Turn in your left toes slightly and align the heel of your right foot with the arch of your left foot.

  • Keep your torso open to the left; do not turn your body in the direction of your right leg.

  • Gaze out across the top of your right middle finger. This is Warrior II.

  • Exhaling, lower your right arm to rest your fingertips on the mat.

  • Place your right shoulder as low as you can against your right inner thigh.

  • Extend your left arm straight up toward the ceiling. is Side Angle Pose


  • From Side Angle Pose, hold the YogaSphere™ in the left hand and bring the left arm over the left ear with the palm facing the floor. It is acceptable to have the front arm on the outside or the inside of the front leg. You can also bring your front elbow up to your thigh if this allows for a greater opening in the chest.

  • Hold here for a breath .

  • To move into the bind, bring the left arm straight up and then drop the left hand behind your back. The YogaSphere™ will be dangling down by you hips. 

  • Keep grounding down through the feet to maintain your balance.

  • Bring the right hand off the floor.

  • Reach the right arm underneath the right thigh and the right hand behind your back to meet YogaSphere™.

  • With both hands firmly grasping the YogaSphere™, straightening the left arm behind your back.

  • Open the chest towards the ceiling and keep the gaze upwards.

Baddha Utthita Parsvakonasana

BAHD-uh oo-TEE-tah PARZH-vuh-ko-NAHS-uh-nuh

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