Mama Kuka™ YogaSphere® Large Teacher's Kit contains 40 lightweight durable 100% cotton yoga straps.  


10 x 4" advanced straps 

10 x 6" intermediate straps

10 x 8" intermediate straps 

10 x12" beginner straps. 


The Small Teacher's Kit is perfect for teacher's who regularly travel and teacher's who teach less than 20 students, or smaller boutique studio's who offer more intimate classes with less than 20 students regularily in class.  


Introduce the Mama Kuka™ YogaSphere® progressive strap system to your students and watch their practice take off and go to the next level!  Something unique you can offer to your students that will help them improve and accelerate their growth.


Each YogaSphere® size is uniquely color coded for quick identification. Please choose the color that best represents you.  Available in Soul Shine & Earth Child. 

The Soul Shine Kit is made up of bright colors and is composed of Pink, Green, Turquoise and Bright Yellow YogaSphere®'s.  Let your Soul Shine through!

The Earth Child Kit is made up of soft earth tones and is composed of Black, Dark Green, Maroon and Beige YogaSphere®'s.  Get in touch with Mother Nature!

Mama Kuka™ Small Teacher's YogaSphere® Kit

  • The teachers kit includes:
    10 - 4" YogaSpheres™
    10 - 6" YogaSpheres™
    10 - 8" YogaSpheres™
    10 - 12" YogaSpheres™