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Mama Kuka™ YogaSphere® Individual Kit contains 10 lightweight durable cotton yoga straps.  


2 x 4" advanced straps 

2 x 6" intermediate straps

2 x 8" intermediate straps 

2 x 10" beginner straps.

2 x12" beginner straps. 


Each YogaSphere® size is uniquely color coded for quick identification. Please choose the color that best represents you.  Available in Earth Child, Soul Shine & Inner Light. 

The Earth Child Kit is made up of soft earth tones: Brown, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Maroon, and Light Brown (Buff). Get in touch with Mother Nature!


The Soul Shine Kit is made up of the bright colors of the chakras: Red, Orange, Yellow (Gold), Kelley Green, and Turquoise. Let your Soul Shine through!


The Inner Light Kit is made up of the colors of the higher chakras: Beige, Teal, Royal Blue, Purple, and White. Connect with your Inner Light!


Each Individual Mama Kuka™ YogaSphere® Kit now comes with a small Mama Kuka™ cotton/canvas bag for easy carrying and storage.


Mama Kuka™ Individual YogaSphere® Kit

  • All you need to enhance your yoga practice in one kit. Use your YogaSphere's™ individually or loop them together to get the length you want!

    Made from 1-inch wide, 100% natural cotton webbing allowing YogaSphere's to be flexible yet sturdy
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