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Flight Attendant or Yoga Instructor

All yoga instructors know this walk into a studio full of energized yogi's jonesing for their bliss fix. The smell of natural, tree-rubber mats and incense permeates the air as you take your position at the front of the room. Leading the class through a few deep breathes the high prana vibe unifies into a single pulse and the practice begin. Smiling, your and your students settle into a groove weaving ujjayi breath through the opening sun salutations.

Relishing in the flow you guide your students from one asana to the next. As your gaze falls on the class you suddenly notice a handful of yogi's who are struggling to find a pose. Being an in-tune, aware instructor you suggest they use a strap. This suggestion is met with blank stares. Hmmm....maybe they didn't hear you? This time you make the suggestion and point to the strap. Still nothing. And so begins the moment we dread as instructors. Standing up and straighting your yoga top, you cock you head to the side, proudly display a yoga strap, and begin:

"Your yoga strap has been designed for easy fastening and release. To fasten, insert the metal fitting into the buckle, adjust to fit by pulling with the loose end of the strap and simply lift the buckle release to unfasten. Your yoga strap should always be worn comfortably across the extremity designated by your instructor"

As you move on to explain what to do in the event of a cabin pressure change, your spiel is interrupted by the suble protest of students:

"I don't get the D-ring", "How do you make the loop?", "Is this right?"

The room begins to spin. You notice half the class fumbling with straps! Even worse, puddles of sweat have begun to pool under the other half of the class as they have now been holding the original pose through your flight attendant speech and while waiting for their fellow students to get their straps together and get into the pose.

This is commonly referred to as:


Maintaining maximum class flow while perserving safety and stability was one of the drivers behind the creation of the YogaSphere™. We, the creators, are yoga instructors. We understand! Moving to a circular system that requires no adjustment not only provided our students with better alignment and safety but also gave them a better class experience. Student use the YogaSphere™ proactively and with confidence.


Here is a real life example from a class in which I was a student last night. The instructor indicated that we were going to go through a standing balance flow. Knowing I am tight on my left side I selected a 4" YogaSphere™ and put it on my wrist. Sure enough, we brought the knee to a 90 degree angle before grabbing the toe and extending out. Without hesitation a looped my toes with the YogaSphere™ and extended my leg out in front and side, before bringing the knee back in. Releasing my toes, the YogaSphere™ slide onto my wrist and, without missing a beat, we flowed to Warrior 3 then to Tree.

Other students in the class missed a large portion of the flow as they adjusted and fumbled with traditional straps.

From an alignment perspective, my hand grip on the YogaSphere™ was the same as if I had my toe - with this grip I was providing support and stability with my core still engaged. Conversely, my strap counterparts had a "grabbing grip" and pulled on the strap moving the "support" out of the core and into the biceps.


Don't let your students miss out on a moment of the beautiful yoga class you put together. Help them move safely and smoothly through your flow with YogaSphere™

Proud Supporter of the Yoga Revolution

Poses to the People!

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